Help support underestimated entrepreneurs in St. Paul. 


Lunar Startups is providing the equivalent of $25,000 in support, services, and visibility to each of the participants. You can help us accelerate their business growth, increase social capital access, and shine a light on these high potential entrepreneurs with a tax deductible contribution to the program — either by making a general donation, or by choosing a specific campaign you'd like to amplify with your support. 


Here are a few examples of specific activities that need your support. 

The Travel Stipend

To increase market potential for each startup, Lunar is offering $5,000 stipend to each startup in Cohort 1 halfway through the program. 

The startups may use the travel fund at their own discretion. Cohort 1 reports interest in dedicated the funds towards the following activities: exhibition at prestigious conferences like Goop Health, travel to new markets to meet with potential clients, and travel to the coasts to meet with potential investors.

Podcast Production

Lunar Startups is working with Twila Dang, founder and executive producer of Matriarch Digital Media to produce a podcast that shares the stories of the Cohort participants. This storytelling is dedicated to raising the visibility of the startups and their founders at a national level. The cost to produce, broadcast, and disseminate this podcast is $40,000. 


Founder's Retreat

In November, Cohort 1 founders are invited to attend a founder's retreat with Emerging Prairie. This weekend is a unique opportunity for the cohort to expand their peer network across greater Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They will meet high-achieving CEOs and founders brought in from other markets, and workshop current challenges and problems among their peers. Lunar is seeking $10,000 to make this weekend a reality for the cohort. 

National Speakers

Over the course of the program, Lunar Startups is looking to invite key investors and professionals from around the country to come to St. Paul. During their visit, we intend to host a private event for the Cohort, the investor, and our sponsors plus a public event showcasing our entrepreneurial community and expanding the opportunity to our community. Lunar is seeking $5,000 sponsorship per speaker to cover the cost of an honorarium, travel, accommodations, and events (6 total).