Meet the new Lunar Startups Team

Every startup knows that a key predictor of their success is the ability to build a strong, robust team to take the company to the next level. As a new program, Lunar Startups is excited to take our next step in evolving our programming (see our newest cohort here) with the expansion of our team.

In January, Lunar added two new members to the team. In addition to building our operational capacity, our new team members are expanding the voice and experience of decision makers driving the program. They bring critical, new knowledge to the team that is already adding immense value to the participant experience. A former vice president of the Minneapolis NAACP, Jeffrey Aguy is a seasoned entrepreneur and will serve as Lunar Startups’ Program Manager. Debbie Aderinkomi is participating in the MPR internship program as the Marketing Coordinator for Lunar, dedicated to developing out the Lunar voice and messaging.  

See more biographical information about these two stellar professionals on our team page. For a bit more fun and flare, check out their answers to a few of our favorite questions below.

Debbie Aderinkomi - Marketing Coordinator

Debbie Aderinkomi - Marketing Coordinator


The professionals behind the bio....Check out Jeffrey and Debbie's answers to a few of our favorite questions!

Q: If you were a pizza / shoe, what kind of pizza / shoe would you be?

Debbie: PUMA Fenty Bow Sneaker

Jeffrey: Pizza - New York style chicken and spinach pizza because you gotta have your vegetables

Q: Why are you excited about the work of Lunar Startups?

Debbie: 2019 is my year of doing the most good and feeling good. At Lunar Startups I can do both.

Jeffrey: Lunar is sort of a dream job. To be around entrepreneurs everyday and have an opportunity to impact not only new products and services but the individual lives of the people who powers our society.

Q: What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Debbie: I’m an aspiring polyglot. I hope to learn more than two languages within the next year.

Jeffrey: I speak Haitian Kréyol fluently and understand French well, I can’t speak French though :0

Q: If you could travel anywhere in 2019, where would you go?

Jeffrey Aguy - Program Manager

Jeffrey Aguy - Program Manager

Debbie: Southeast Asia; Japan, Korea and China.

Jeffrey: Back to Ochos Rios, Jamaica, the water there is so beautiful.

Q: What did you want to be when you grow up as a kid and why aren’t you that?

Debbie: A pediatrician. I didn’t like the idea of being in Medical school for years.

Jeffrey: I wanted to change the world! I think i’m doing a lot of that now. Okay maybe not the whole world yet but the parts I am part of :)

Q: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Debbie: A hard boiled egg, Pink Lady apple and green tea.

Jeffrey: OMG, I actually had pasta. Haitians often don’t eat breakfast for breakfast even though I love me some breakfast food!

Q: Last book you read?

Debbie: Fashion Now by Taschen

Jeffrey: The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth

Q: Favorite / most listened to podcast?

Debbie: The Business of Fashion and Code Switch.

Jeffrey: I’m more of an audiobook kind of guy but I’m definitely going to start

Q: Preferred activities on a snow day.

Debbie: Staying warm or ice-skating.

Jeffrey: Stay in bed near the fireplace and look out the window saying “man it looks real cold outside”