What we're learning from founders at Lunar


When we kicked off the Lunar Startups program last year, we intentionally threw out the standard startup accelerator playbook and committed to creating a program that was truly tailored to the needs of our entrepreneurs. We committed to listening first and creating second.

Here's what we learned:

  • Lunar founders and their companies aren't interested in a one-size-fits-all incubator model.

  • Although some Lunar founders are creating companies in line with the "traditional" Silicon Valley, VC-backed model, many of our founders aren’t necessarily focused on attracting VC investment. Some have intentionally rejected the VC model and are (successfully!) bootstrapping their way to profitability and scale. Other cohort companies started out as service businesses and are productizing components of their work. All of these models have the potential for big scale and big success.

  • Lunar founders tell us over and over again that they highly value 1-on-1 support that is tailored to their needs both in terms of content and timing. Our ability to offer both regularly scheduled and on-demand coaching and consulting services (business, legal, finance, etc.) as well as supplemental educational workshops has created a robust and unique support system for our founders.

  • Lunar founders value expert advice and support, but with limited time at their disposal, they are looking for high ROI engagements with experts, coaches and mentors. We designed the Lunar Expert Network experience to provide laser-targeted expertise delivered in a timely and useful fashion.

We are continuing to learn from our founders as we create the first UnDemo Day graduation experience, as we work with our amazing Cohort 2 companies, and as we prepare to open our Cohort 3 application later this year.

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