Lunar Startups Welcomes Cohort 2

At Lunar, we are co-creating something special! Cohort 2 builds on our strength-based approach piloted with Cohort 1 to accelerate businesses led by underestimated entrepreneurs. We believe shared experience in a peer setting fosters creativity and growth. Cohort 2 will learn and share knowledge with one another as well as our companies in Cohort 1.

As an industry agnostic program, we are excited about the diversity of perspectives and thought each participant gets to leverage and contribute while in the program. The seven companies in Cohort 2 represent a number of business categories from tech, CPG (consumer packaged goods), services, to app-based solutions.  We look forward to amplifying their access to social capital, increasing their ability to seek external funding and rapidly growing their businesses.

Cohorts listed, left to right.

Cohorts listed, left to right.

Meet Cohort 2 Participants:

Creatively Focused: Empowering educators with innovative and intentional strategies and skills to do the meaningful and critical work of improving outcomes for students.

 Fruitful Fertility: Connecting those struggling with fertility issues who are in need of emotional support with individuals and mentors who have had similar experiences.

Maazah: Transforming the regional and global food space with an Afghani-inspired, small-batch, gourmet condiment.

Team Dynamics: Helping organizations excel through strategy development, skill building, and coaching.  

Tedious: Providing carefree home services – lawn maintenance, snow removal, leaf cleanup – through an easy-to-use app.

Virtue Analytics: Offering educational and other institutions a platform for grant optimization, tuition discounting and enrollment yield improvement.

Youth Lens 360: Providing superior visual communication and product marketing and branding services through the lens of youth ages 14-24.


Here are all the things Cohort 2 will get access to helping them grow their companies:

  • Dedicated office space

  • Investors locally and nationally

  • $5,000 travel, technology, and marketing reimbursement fund per startup

  • Access to an expert network of professionals providing pro-bono support (legal services, financial consulting, pitch deck review, and more)

  • State-of-the-art equipment for video conferencing, podcast development, etc.

  • Weekly startup-specific programming based on the needs of the cohort

  • Stewardship and peer mentorship

  • Team development

  • Regular media and promotional visibility

  • Conference rooms

  • Mail room and printing services

  • Coffee, tea, and full kitchen

  • An inclusive community

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