Meet The Female Founders in Lunar Startups Cohorts

Women’s History Month has come to an end, but its never too late to support female founders. Statistically, female founders make more revenue per dollar funded. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Mass Challenger found that “female startups made 78 cents per dollar that was funded. Male-founded companies only made 31 cents.” Additionally, First Round Capital found that in their portfolio of about 300 startups “teams with a woman co-founder performed 63 percent better--as measured by valuation--than all-male teams.”

But, despite the fact women entrepreneurs outperform their male counterparts, they only “garnered 2.3% of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups in the US last year” (Pitchbook).

At Lunar Startups, we’re betting on female founders and don’t take equity in any of our companies. Over 50% of the founders in each of our cohorts are women (Cohort 1: 67% and Cohort 2: 57%). By participating in Lunar Startups, these founders receive $70K in benefits including $5K in reimbursements and are prepared to go forth and lead successful businesses. We do this by increasing their access to business acumen and social capital while connecting founders to a supportive peer community and new customers.

Check out the female founded companies of Lunar Startups:

Cohort 1

A data insights and analytics startup that informs solutions to help institutions recruit, retain, and grow top talent in today's workforce.

A social enterprise created with the mission of increasing sports participation rates among Muslim girls by developing activewear that enables physical activity and sports participation while upholding religious and cultural beliefs

A strategic agency providing data management and technology solutions for the creative economy.

A crowdfunding service allowing friends and family to relieve the financial stress of unpaid maternity leave for working mothers by giving financial gifts in lieu of a traditional baby registry.

Empowering educators with innovative and intentional strategies and skills to do the meaningful and critical work of improving outcomes for students.

Connecting those struggling with fertility issues who are in need of emotional support with individuals and mentors who have had similar experiences.

Transforming the regional and global food space with an Afghani-inspired, small-batch, gourmet condiment.

Helping organizations excel through strategy development, skill building, and coaching.