Startup Stories

Meet the founders behind cohort 1 and hear why they applied to join Lunar Startups


Asiya Modist Sportswear 


“I think what's special about Lunar Startups is that it is the first in the Saint Paul community. There are so many big corporate organizations that are able to really see what is going on in the community, so a program like this is needed to leverage those connections .”

- Fatimah Hussein, Cofounder, CEO

“I am excited to join Lunar Startups as they have a community of awesome entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and grow together.”

— Jamie Glover, Cofounder, COO



26 Letters Inc


“Lunar Startups is placing an emphasis on the cultural capital that we have here in the Twin Cities and really leveraging that in a way that is usually reserved for people who are already connected in those networks.”

- Caroline Karanja, Cofounder, CEO


Dojour MSP


“As a white male, we typically overrun the startup industry, but there is much more talent when you have a diverse set of audiences. We want to build our diversity from the beginning through Lunar's emphasis on diversity.”

- Conor O'Phelan, Cofounder, CEO